Species Factsheet

Musculista senhousia


Complete name: Musculista senhousia (Benson in Cantor, 1842)
Taxonomy: Mollusca » Mollusca » Bivalvia » Mytiloida » Mytilidae » Musculista senhousia
Authors: Bella Galil
Last updated: December 6th, 2006

Common Names

Asian date mussel.


Arcuatula cf. senhousia (Benson, 1842)
Modiola senhousia Benson in Cantor, 1842
Musculista senhousia (Benson in Cantor, 1842)

Short Description

A small (10-25 x 12 mm) intertidal bivalve with thin shell, equivalve, oval, elongate with sculpture of radiating lines posteriorly. Outline modioliform; umbones subterminal; ligament and dorsal margins not continuous, slightly angled; anterior end rounded. Ventral margin slightly concave. Shell pale olive-green with irregular brownish-purple markings.