Species Factsheet

Dreissena polymorpha


Complete name: Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771)
Taxonomy: Mollusca » Mollusca » Bivalvia » Veneroida » Dreissenidae » Dreissena polymorpha
Authors: Anastasija Zaiko and Sergej Olenin
Last updated: September 2006

Common Names

Zebra mussel, wandering mussel.


Dreissena polymorpha
Mytilus polymorpha Pallas, 1771

Short Description

Sessile bivalve mollusc, forming dense colonies on various hard substrates in fresh and slightly brackish waters. It has brownish-yellowish triangular shells (up to 50 mm) with dark and light coloured ("zebra") zigzag banding. It is a filter feeder on microscopic plankton organisms and organic particles.