Species Factsheet

Marsupenaeus japonicus


Complete name: Marsupenaeus japonicus (Bate, 1888)
Taxonomy: Crustacea » Arthropoda » Malacostraca » Decapoda » Penaeidae » Marsupenaeus japonicus
Authors: B.S. Galil
Last updated: November 6th, 2006

Common Names

Kuruma prawn.


Marsupenaeus japonicus
Penaeus japonicus Monod, 1930

Short Description

A nocturnal prawn (TL males: 17 cm, females: 27 cm) adults buried in substrate during daytime. The body is pale bearing uninterrupted brown transverse bands; walking legs and pleopods are pale yellow proximally and blue distally; uropods are distally striped with yellow and blue, setal fringe red. The rostrum has 7-11 teeth on upper margin and a single tooth on the lower margin. The carapace bears gastrofrontal, hepatic crests; the post-rostral crest is medially grooved. Abdominal segments are 4-6 keeled; sixth abdominal segment bear three lateral scars. The telson has a pointed tip and 3 pairs of movable distal spines. First three pairs of walking legs are chelate.