Species Factsheet

Rapana venosa


Complete name: Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846)
Taxonomy: Mollusca » Mollusca » Gastropoda » Sorbeoconcha » Muricidae » Rapana venosa
Authors: Stephan Gollasch
Last updated: October 30th, 2006

Common Names

Veined rapa whelk, Asian rapa whelk, rapa welk.


Rapana pontica Nordsieck, 1969
Rapana thomasiana Crosse, 1861
Rapana venosa

Short Description

A large marine and brackish water Asian gastropod with voracious predatory behaviour. Shell lengths of individuals caught in the Adriatic Sea ranged from 67.0 mm to 136.7 mm and the total weight (shell+body wet weight) from 46.0 g to 553.9 g.