Species Factsheet

Aphis gossypii


Complete name: Aphis gossypii Glover
Taxonomy: Insecta » Arthropoda » Insecta » Hemiptera » Aphididae » Aphis gossypii
Authors: Alain Roques
Last updated: December 12th , 2006

Common Names

Cotton aphid, melon aphid, melon and cotton aphid.


Aphis affinis del Guercio, 1913
Aphis bauhiniae Theobald, 1918
Aphis bryophyllae Shinji, 1922
Aphis calendulicola Monell, 1879
Aphis chloroides Nevsky, 1929
Aphis circezandis Fitch, 1870
Aphis citri Ashmead, 1887
Aphis citrulli Ashmead, 1882
Aphis colocasiae Matsumura, 1917
Aphis commelinae Shinji, 1922
Aphis convolvulicola Ferrari, 1872
Aphis cucumeris Forbes, 1883
Aphis cucurbiti Buckton, 1879
Aphis ficus Theobald, 1918
Aphis flava Nevsky, 1929
Aphis gossypii
Aphis hederella Theobald, 1915
Aphis helianthi del Guercio, 1916
Aphis heliotropii Macchiati, 1885
Aphis hibiscifoliae Shinji, 1922
Aphis inugomae Shinji, 1922
Aphis ligustriella Theobald, 1914
Aphis lilicola Williams, 1911
Aphis malvacearum van der Goot, 1918
Aphis malvoides B. Das, 1918 nec van der Goot, 1917
Aphis minuta Wilson, 1911
Aphis monardae Oestlund, 1887
Aphis oxalis Macchiati, 1884
Aphis parvus Theobald, 1915
Aphis perillae Shinji, 1922
Aphis pomonella Theobald, 1916
Aphis pruniella Theobald, 1918
Aphis shirakii Takahashi, 1921
Aphis solanina Passerini, 1863
Aphis tectonae van der Goot, 1917
Aphis tridacis Theobald, 1929
Aphis vitifoliae Shinji, 1922
Toxoptera aurantii del Guercio, 1917
Toxoptera leonuri Takahashi, 1921

Short Description

Small aphid, about 2mm long, phloem-feeding with two virginiparous forms. Winged and wingless, highly variable in colour from yellowish green to partly black; immature stages (nymphs) pale yellow to pale green. It is a highly polyphagous species, major pest of cultivated plants in the families Cucurbitaceae, Rutaceae and Malvaceae, and of Citrus trees.