Species Factsheet

Chattonella cf.


Complete name: Chattonella cf. verruculosa Hara & Chihara 1994
Taxonomy: Other algae » Heterokontophyta » Raphidophyceae » Raphidomonadales » Vacuolariaceae » Chattonella cf.
Authors: Stephan Gollasch
Last updated: October 30th,2006

Common Names


Chattonella cf.

Short Description

This small phytoplankton alga is found in brackish and marine waters. There is a controversial discussion on the species determination and its correct taxonomic group. Some experts believe that this species should belong to the group dictyophyte. Further, due to nomenclatural problems a new species name was suggested, i.e. Verrucophora verruculosa. After genetic studies it became clear that the Norwegian populations are different from the German and Japanese. Consequently it is much too early to assess whether or not the species was introduced or if it was previously overlooked or misidentified.