Species Factsheet

Pinctada radiata


Complete name: Pinctada radiata (Leach, 1814)
Taxonomy: Mollusca » Mollusca » Bivalvia » Pterioida » Pteriidae » Pinctada radiata
Authors: B. S. Galil
Last updated: November 5th, 2006

Common Names

Gulf pearl oyster.


Avicula chemnitzii Philippi, 1849
Meleagrina conomenosi Monterosato, 1884
Meleagrina occa Reeve, 1857 [Pallary, 1912; Issel, 1869]
Meleagrina radiata "Deshayes" [Tillier and Bavay, 1905]
Meleagrina savignyi Monterosato, 1884
Pinctada radiata
Pinctada vulgaris (Schumacher [Tomlin, 1927]

Short Description

A large bivalve, length commonly 50-65 mm, up to 106 mm. The shell is compressed, inequivalve with the outline almost quadrate. The shell is brownish with shades of red, inner surface pearly. The dorsal margin is longer than the body of shell and the posterior margin slightly concave. The beaks are pointing anteriorly. It has a sculpture of concentric lamellae often with rows of appressed spines, a hinge line straight and spiny margins.