Species Factsheet

Paspalum paspaloides


Complete name: Paspalum paspalodes (Michx) Scribner
Taxonomy: Magnoliophyta » Monocotyledonae » Cyperales » Poaceae » » Paspalum paspaloides
Authors: Anastasiu Paulina
Last updated: October 10th, 2006

Common Names

Knotgrass, mercer grass, water couch, buffalo quick paspalum, couch paspalum


Short Description

It is a creeping stoloniferous perennial herb, up to 50 cm tall; leaves are stiff, narrow, about 10 cm in length, with sheaths ciliate on margin (Clayton 1994). Usually every inflorescence has two racemes 1.5-7 cm, with ovate, pale-green spikelets. The upper glume is appressed and puberulent. It is adapted to marshy, brackish conditions and saline soils, which are moist in summer.